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MDIC Online Services

MDIC is proud to offer its new online TCEQ approved CEU course

Introduction to Evapotranspiration (ET) Smart Controllers
8 hours CEU credit - Cost $175

An introduction to the basics of evaportranspiration (ET) and its use in modern irrigation technology and controllers. This course will explain why we need ET based smart controllers in our modern times, and the theory and implementation in ET smart controllers in the marketplace. After finishing this course, the student will be knowledgable about ET standards / sources and current ET smart controllers available today to make the best decision for his/her customer. You will be able to download MDIC's complete summary of ET smart controllers in the marketplace for your future reference. Prerequisites: No prior knowledge or course is needed for this introduction course.

Course Outline:

Before purchasing this online course, please review the following TCEQ rules on CEU training and credits:

To receive proper TCEQ CEU credit of eight (8) hours for this course, you must navigate through each slide, pass each quiz with a score of 70 percent or better, and provide your Texas Irrigator license number, Texas Irrigation Technician license number, or your Texas Irrigation Inspector license number.

If you do not have a Texas Irrigator license, Texas Irrigation Technician license, or Texas Irrigation Inspector license, you can still complete the course and receive a Certificate of Completion from MDIC Online Services.

CEU credit for this course can not be repeated during the same 3 year renewal period.

Computer Recommended Configuration:
To assure ensure the most enjoyable user experience, we recommend using a computer and Internet connection with the following attributes:

Both Cookies and Javascript must be enabled.

Online Courses Customer Support:
If you require technical support related to your account, login, password, or issues about running the course on your computer, you will be able to call the 360training.com support line at 1-800-442-1149.

A Live Chat Button is available to chat live with support staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If you require instructor support concerning the subject material of "Introduction to Evapotranspiration (ET) smart controllers" course, you can call MDIC at (512) 992-1865 or send an email to info@gmail.com. MDIC's policy is to return phone calls or emails within one business day.

Privacy Policy:
Data collected for online course registration will not be used by MDIC except for communication of completion of course information to TCEQ.


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